This table contains most of the common Hawaiian first names. Hawaiian equivalents of English names are included on a separate page: Equivalent Names.

Name Meaning Gender
'A'ala Fragrant; of high rank, royal Both
'A'amakualenalena Swift, strong warrior Boy
'Aila'au Fire god Boy
'Ailana Island Both
'Ailani Chief Both
'Ainakea White land Both
'Akahi For the first time, never before Both
'Akau North; right Both
'Ala Fragrant; esteemed Both
'Alaneo Unclouded, clear, serene Both
'Alepo'i Surf, breaking waves Both
'Alihi Kaua Commander, strategist Both
'Alohi Shining Both
'Alohilani Bright sky, brightness of heaven Both
'Alohilohi Radiant Both
'Aluna Descent; loosening Both
'Ano'i Desire; desired one, beloved Both
'Ano'ipua Cherished flower; sweetheart Both
'Anolani Of royal or heavenly character Both
'Apona Embracing Both
'Auina Bending, sloping; descent Both
'Aukai Seafarer Both
'Ele Black Both
'Enakai Glowing sea; raging sea Both
'Ilima Flower Both
'Iolani Royal hawk Both
'Olina Joy; joyful Both
A'alona Exalted, high mountain Boy
A'ia'i Bright, like moonlight, shining Both
Abegaila My father is joy Girl
Ahe Softly blowing breeze Both
Aheahe Softly blowing breeze Both
Ahonui Patience; patient, enduring Both
Ahuahu Healthy; strength; grow rapidly Both
Ahulani Heavenly shrine Both
'Ainalani Heavenly land; aristocratic land Both
'Ainanani Beautiful land Both
Aiwaiwa Inexplicable, mysterious, marvellous Both
Aka'ula Red shadow; red reflection; red image Both
Akahele Careful, cautious Both
Akamai Smart Both
Akamu Man; earth Boy
Akanahe Speaks and acts gently Both
Akeakamai Seeker/lover of wisdom Both
Akela Happy Boy
Akiliano From Hadria Boy
Akoni The antonius Boy
Alaka'i Guide Both
Alamimo Fast, quick, nimble Both
Alana Rock Both
Alani Orange or orange tree Both
Alapai Elf counsel Boy
Alaula Light of early dawn Both
Alebana From the city Alba Boy
Alekanedero Defending men Boy
Alekanekelo Defending men Boy
Alekona Old town Boy
Alemana Powerful man Boy
Alepana From the city Alba Boy
Aletona Old town Boy
Alevina Friend of elves Boy
Alewina Friend of elves Boy
Ali'imalu Peaceful ruler Both
Alika Defending men Boy
Aloalo Loved by many; hibiscus Both
Alohaekaunei Love alighting here Both
Alohalani Merciful, compassionate Both
Alohanani Beautiful love Both
Aloiki Famed Boy
Aloisi Famed Boy
Amoka Encumbered Boy
Amosa Encumbered Boy
Anadare Man Boy
Anakale Man Boy
Anakoni N/A Boy
Anatoni N/A Boy
Anederea Man Boy
Anekelea Man Boy
Anela Angel Both
Aniani Mirror, glass; clear; to blow softly; Both
Ano Awe, reverence; peacefulness, solicitude Both
Anuenue Rainbow Both
Anuenue Akua God's rainbow Both
Anuhea Cool, soft fragrance Both
Aolani Heavenly cloud Both
Aoloa Long cloud; distinguished person Both
Aonani Beautiful daylight Both
Aouli Firmament Both
Aowena Rosy cloud Both
Apekaloma My father is peace Boy
Apela" Breath Boy
Apelahama Father of a multitude Boy
Apikai My father is a gift; gift of the father Boy
Aremana Powerful man Boy
Atoni N/A Boy
Auali'i Noble Both
Aukanai'i Strong warrior Both
Aukukino N/A Boy
Aumoe Time to sleep; late at night; midnight Both
Ehehene Merry laughter; to giggle Both
Elikapeka My God is a vow Girl
Ewe Sprout; lineage; kin; birthplace Both
Ewekapu Sacred lineage Both
Ewelani Chief of divine descent Both
Ha'aheo Proud, haughty; to strut Both
Ha'iku Kahili flower Both
Ha'ulili Trilling chatter Both
Ha'upu Te recall, recollect, remember Both
Haku Master, lord, overseer Both
Hakumele To weave a song; a poet Both
Halana malie Calm tranquility Both
Haleakua House of god; divine house Both
Halemano Many houses Both
Hali'a Sudden remembrance Both
Hali'aaloha Loving memory, cherished memory Both
Hali'imaile Spreading maile vine Both
Haloa Long life Both
Halolani To move quietly Both
Halulu To roar, thunder; loud noise, racket Both
Hanaaloha Love magic Both
Hanaiakamalama Foster child of the moon Both
Hanakahi Single task Both
Hanau hou Reborn; baptism Both
Hanauhoulani Heavenly rebirth, spiritual new birth Both
Hani To move lightly; to touch Both
Hanini To pour down (as rain); to overflow Both
Hanohano Glorious, honored, dignified; glory Both
Hau kea Snow Both
Hau'oli Happiness Both
Hau'oli'oli Happiness Both
Haulani Royal ruler Both
Haumakapu'u Lord with bulging eyes Boy
Haunani Handsome ruler, splendid ruler Both
Haupuehuehu Snowflake Both
Hekili Thunder; passion, rage Both
Heleuma Anchor Both
Hemolele Perfect; holy; virtue; holiness; angel Both
Hemolelekeakua The perfect god, the holy god Both
Hi'ilani Held in the arms of heaven Both
Hi'ilawe To lift Both
Hi'ilei To carry and tend a beloved child Both
Hiapa'i'ole Expert Both
Hiapo Firstborn child Both
Hie Attractive Both
Hiehie Attractive Both
Hikialani Looking up to heaven Both
Hinano Male pandanus blossom Boy
Hinuhinu Bright, glittering, splendid, lustrous Both
Hiwa lani Esteemed chief; favorite child Both
Hiwahiwa Precious, beloved; esteemed; favorite Both
Hiwahiwakeiki Precious, beloved child Both
Ho'ohie To make attractive or distinguished Both
Ho'ohiehie To make the most attractive or distinguished Both
Ho'okele Navigator, helmsman Both
Ho'ola'i To cause to be still; to quiet; calm Both
Ho'olana Cheerful Both
Ho'olaua'e To cherish Both
Ho'opa'a To make fast Both
Hoa kua Companion of a god; godly companion Both
Hoa pili Close companion, close friend Both
Hoaalohakupa'a Loyal beloved friend Both
Hoaka Crescent, arch; brightness; to glitter Both
Hoakoa Friend of a soldier Both
Hoalohalani Spiritual friend Both
Hoalohanani Beautiful friend Both
Hokeo N/A Boy
Hoku Star Both
Hoku ala Rising star Both
Hoku'alohi Brilliant star Both
Hokuao Morning star Both
Hokuaonani Beautiful dawning star Both
Hokuhelele'i Falling stars Both
Hokulani Heavenly star, star in the sky Both
Hokule'a Pleasing star, delightful star Both
Hokulele Shooting star Both
Hokuli'ili'i Small star Both
Hokupa'a Immovable star Both
Holo'oka'a Whole, entire, all; entirely; paramount Both
Holokai Seafarer Both
Holomakani Fast breeze Both
Hone Sweet, soft; to tease Both
Honehone Sweet, soft; to tease Both
Honi To smell; a scent Both
Hu'elani Opening up to heaven Both
Hu'eu Rising naughtiness, mischievous Both
Huaka Crystal clear, bright, dazzling Both
Hualani Child of a chief Both
Huali Pure; bright, polished, gleaming; white Both
Huananai Swift fruit; swift child Both
Huapala Ripe fruit Both
Hulama Rising light Both
Huluali'i Royal feather; royal favorite Both
Hunakai Sea spray Both
Iakepa Wealthy Boy
Iasepa Wealthy Boy
Ihe Spear Both
Ihupani Person of great wisdom Both
Ilihia Stricken with awe Both
Inoa Namesake Both
Iokepa He will enlarge Boy
Iona'ala Fragrant name; esteemed name Both
Ipo Sweetheart, beloved Both
Ipolani Heavenly sweetheart Both
Iukikina Justice Girl
Ka'aona A month Both
Ka'apeha Rain cloud; influential, important Both
Ka'aumoana Sailor Both
Ka'eo Full; full of knowledge; strong; zealous Both
Ka'ihikapu The holy sacredness Both
Ka'iimamao The far distant supreme one Both
Ka'ike'apona The embracing of knowledge Both
Ka'ilinemo The smooth skin Both
Ka'iulani Royal sacred one Both
Ka'ohu The mist Both
Kaha'aheo The proud one Both
Kaha'i The one who tells Boy
Kahakea Unreachable, inaccessible Both
Kahakuhale The master of the house; the host or hostess Both
Kahakuloa The tall master Both
Kahale The house Both
Kahana Turning point Both
Kahanu The breath Both
Kahaulani The dew from heaven Both
Kahauolupea Flower heavy with dew Both
Kahawai River, stream, valley Both
Kaheka Pool Both
Kaheka'alohi" Brilliant pool" Both
Kahekili The thunder Both
Kahelemeakua The one walking with God Both
Kahewai Flowing water Both
Kahiau Selfless generosity Both
Kahikilani The arrival of the chief Both
Kahikina The east; the coming, arrival Both
Kahikookeakua Divine rain Both
Kahili Feather standard; rainbow part; ginger Both
Kahoku The star Both
Kaholo Nimble Both
Kahoni The kiss Both
Kahua" Base Both
Kahuna The hidden secret Both
Kai Rejoice Both
Kaiaka Shadowed sea Both
Kaiapo High tide, rising tide Both
Kaiea Rising tide; high tide Both
Kaiemi Ebbing sea Both
Kaihalulu Roaring sea, loud sea Both
Kaihe The spear Both
Kaihekoa The brave spear Both
Kaiho'i Returning sea, ebbing sea Both
Kaihohonu Deep sea; high tide Both
Kaiholo Running sea; running current Both
Kaikane Strong sea Boy
Kaikea White sea, clear sea Both
Kaiko Sea with strong current Both
Kaimalie Calm sea, quiet sea Both
Kaimalolo Quiet sea, calm sea Both
Kaimana Diamond Both
Kainehe Whispering sea, rumbling sea Both
Kainoa The name Both
Kainu'u High sea, elevated sea Both
Kainui" Big sea Both
Kaiona N/A Girl
Kaipalaoa Sperm whale sea Both
Kaipo The sweetheart Both
Kaipo'i Crest of a breaking wave Both
Kaiulu Sea at full tide, rising sea Both
Kakahi Unique, outstanding, solitary Both
Kakarina Pure Girl
Kakielekea The white gardenia Both
Kakumulani The horizon Both
Kala The fine arts Both
Kalaheo The proud day Both
Kalama The torch, the light, the lamp Both
Kalani The heaven; the chief Both
Kale Free man Boy
Kale'a Joy Both
Kaleho The cowry shell Both
Kalei The wreath of flowers; the beloved Both
Kaleo The voice Both
Kaleoaloha The voice of love Both
Kaleolani Spiritual saying Both
Kalia tree Both
Kalikohemolele Perfect child Boy
Kalino Bright one Both
Kama hele The traveller Both
Kamaha'o Wonderful, astonishing, remarkable Both
Kamaka The eye Both
Kamakakoa The brave eye Boy
Kamakana The gift Both
Kamakani The wind Both
Kamala Born of the lotus Both
Kamalah Lotus Girl
Kamalani Chief's child Both
Kamalei Beloved child Both
Kamaluhiakapu Sacred peace Boy
Kamamalu The protection Both
Kamani Tree Both
Kamea Sweet darling Girl
Kameli Bee; honeybee Girl
Kamoana Ocean; open sea Girl
Kamoku The island Boy
Kamole The main root, foundation, source Both
Kana Name of a demi-god Both
Kana'i Conqueror Boy
Kanae Beautiful one Girl
Kanakanui Person with power Boy
Kanani The beauty; the glory Both
Kaneho'omalu Man of peace Boy
Kanoa The free one Both
Kanoelani The heavenly mist Both
Kanuha The sulky one Both
Kanupa The luxuriant growth Both
Kapahu The drum, chest, box; the staff Both
Kapalaoa Ivory Boy
Kapalekanaka Defender of mankind Boy
Kapali Cliff Boy
Kaponianani Beautiful anointed one Girl
Kapono The righteous; the moral, duty, fair Both
Kapua The flower, blossom; the child Both
Kapua'ilima The 'ilima flower Both
Kapua'ula The red flower; the scared flower Both
Kapueo The owl Both
Kapula The prayer Both
Kapuni The favorite one Both
Kau'i The beauty; the youthfulness Both
Kauanoe The misty rain Both
Kaulana Famous, celebrated; resting place Both
Kauluwehi Rich Girl
Kawaimomona The sweet water Both
Kawena The glow Both
Kawena'ula The red glow (of sunrise or a fire) Both
Kawikani The strong one Boy
Kayl Free man Boy
Ke'ala The fragrance Both
Ke'alohi The brightness Both
Ke'alohilani The brightness of heaven Both
Ke'ohi The harvest Both
Keahi The fire Both
Keahilani The fire of heaven Both
Keala The path Both
Kealamauloa Eternal path Boy
Kealani Clear heaven, white heaven Both
Kealaa´alohi Shining path; brilliant path Boy
Kealoha The loved one Both
Keana N/A Girl
Keanu Cool breeze over the mountains Boy
Keawe N/A Both
Keeaola Breath of life Girl
Keena Judged Girl
Keha Pride, dignity, majesty Both
Kei Joyful Both
Keikemamake Wanting a child Both
Keiki Child, offspring, descendant Both
Keikilani Child of heaven Both
Kekipi The rebellion, the revolt Both
Kekoa The brave one; the soldier Both
Kelalani Excelling heaven Both
Kelani The heavens Both
Keli'i The chief Both
Keola The life, the health, the well-being Both
Keolakupaianaha The wonderful life, extraordinary life Both
Keolamauloa Salvation Boy
Kiana N/A Girl
Kiele Gardenia Girl
Kielekea White gardenia Girl
Kikeona Strong fighter Boy
Kileona Strong fighter Boy
Kilohana Best, superior, excellent Both
Kimi Pet form of Kimberly Girl
Kina Judged Girl
Koamalu Peaceful courage Boy
Kolina Maiden Girl
Kona World rule Boy
Konane Bright moonlight, to shine Both
Korina Maiden Girl
Kuali'i N/A Boy
Kukane Like a man Boy
Kulamau'u Field Boy
Kulani Like heaven; to reveal heaven Both
Kunani Like a beauty Girl
Kupa'alani Steadfast heaven; loyal heaven Both
Kye Rejoice Boy
Lahahana Heat of the sun; the sun's warmth Boy
Lahela Ewe Girl
Laionela Lion Boy
Laka Gentle Both
Lana Rock Girl
Lanakila Victory Both
Lani Sky or heaven Both
Leialoha Beloved child Both
Leilani Heavenly blossoms Girl
Leinani Beautiful garland Both
Leolani Heavenly voice Both
Lihau Gentle rain; cool, fresh Both
Lokapele Beautiful rose Girl
Lokelani Heavenly rose Both
Lokomaika'i Kindness, generosity; benevolent Both
Lokomaika'inani Beautiful kindness Girl
Mahi'ai Farmer Boy
Mahina Moon Girl
Maika'i Beautiful, handsome; good health Both
Maika'ikeakua Beautiful white God Both
Maila myrrh Girl
Maile Vine Girl
Maira myrrh Girl
Maka'alohi Sparkling eyes Both
Maka'alohilohi Sparkling eyes Both
Makaio Gift of God Boy
Makala To loosen; to set at liberty; to remit Both
Makalohi Sparkling eyes Boy
Makana Gift, present; reward, prize Both
Makanaakua Gift of god Both
Makanamaika'i Beautiful present Both
Makanaokeakua A gift of God Boy
Makani Wind Both
Makela Little Marcus Girl
Makelina From Magdala Girl
Malalani Heavenly garden Girl
Malana Buoyant, light; to move along together Both
Malea Hawaiian form of Mary Girl
Maleah Hawaiian form of Mary Girl
Maleia Hawaiian form of Mary Girl
Malia Bitter Girl
Maliana Pet form of Marie Girl
Malie Tranquil; calm Girl
Malu Protection, shelter; peace Both
Maluhia Peace, serenity; safety; restful Both
Maluhialani Peaceful heaven Both
Malulani Under heaven's protection Both
Maluokeakua God's peace Boy
Mamo Yellow flower; descendant Both
Mana Divine power Both
Mana'o'i'o Faith, confidence; to believe Both
Mana'olana Faith, hope, confidence Both
Mana'olanakeiki Child of hope Both
Manaali'i Noble strength Girl
Manalani Divine power Girl
Manawale'a A generous heart; charitable Girl
Manuku Like a bird; birdlike Boy
Manumakali'i A tiny bird Boy
Mapuana Wind-blown fragrance Both
Maui God of fire Boy
Mikilana Chinese rice flower Girl
Milana Beloved Both
Miley Vine Girl
Miliani Gentle caress Both
Mililani To praise Girl
Milimili Toy, plaything; favorite, beloved Both
Miulana Name of a tree Girl
Moananani Beautiful sea Girl
Moani Gentle breeze Girl
Mohala Blossoming, blooming; shining forth Both
Mylee Vine Girl
Mylie Vine Girl
Nahele Woods Boy
Nai'a Dolphin; porpoise Girl
Nalani The heavens Girl
Nalukea White wave Girl
Nalunani Beautiful wave; beautiful surf Boy
Nanala Sunflower Girl
Naniahiahi Evening beauty Girl
Nihopalaoa Ivory tooth; whale Boy
Noelani Heavenly mist Both
Nohea Beautiful, handsome Boy
Nohokai Dweller on the seashore Boy
Okalani From heaven Girl
Olakeakua The living god, the savior god Both
Onaona Soft fragrance; gentle disposition Both
Pa'ahana Busy Boy
Pikake Arabic jasmine flowers Girl
Pineki Peanut Girl
Pomaika'i Lucky, fortunate, blessed Girl
Pua Flower Girl
Puakai Ocean flower Girl
Puakea White flower Girl
Pualani Heavenly flower; royal blossom Girl
Puanani Beautiful flower; flower of beauty Girl
Punawai Water Boy
Qiana N/A Girl
Qianna N/A Girl
Quiana N/A Girl
Ululani Inspired by heaven; heavenly grove Both
Uluwehi Lush, flourishing plants Both
Wainani Beautiful water Both
Wana'ao Dawn Both
Wana'aonani Beautiful dawn Both
Wehilani Adornment from heaven Both