Hawaiian Monk Seal

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Common Name: Hawaiian Monk Seal Scientific Name: Neomonachus schauinslandi Type: Mammals Diet: Carnivores Group Name: Colony, rookery Average life span in The Wild: 25 to 30 years Size: Length, 7.5 ft Weight: 500 to 610 lbs About the Hawaiian Monk Seal (from National Geographic) Most seals are at home in frigid waters, but the Hawaiian …

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Kukui Nut Trees

The state tree of Hawaii is the beautiful Kukui nut. The leaves give an almost purplish hue when young. The fruit of the tree (kukui nut) is often used in the traditional lei–especially for men.

The Legend of Naupaka

The Legend of Naupaka The Half flower of Hawaii Once upon a time in ancient Hawaii lived a beautiful princess named Naupaka. She was loved by everyone who knew her because she was just as kind as she was beautiful. One day while walking along the beach, Naupaka encountered a handsome fisherman named Kaui. When …

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Dances with Whales

Whale Songs

Pacific Humpback Whales are truly native Hawaiians—many of them were conceived and born in Hawaiian waters. The Humpbacks spend most of the year in the waters off the Alaska coast and in the Inside Passage where they feed. The waters there are rich in plankton, which is their primary food. Typically, in October and November …

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The word “Haole” literally means a person without a country or of known beginning. It is frequently used nowadays to identify a person of Caucasian ancestry but is an incorrect usage. When Captain Cook (the first Caucasian) came to the islands, he could only identify four generations of his which offended the Hawaiian Chief as …

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Aloha `Oe

The last monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaii, Queen Liliʻuokalani, inherited the throne from her brother Kalākaua on January 29, 1891. A woman of peace and an accomplished author and songwrite, she became the first Native Hawaiian female author. Upon her death, Liliʻuokalani dictated in her will that all of her possessions and properties be …

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