‘ohana pronunciation:


  1. family, relative, kin group; related.

‘ohana meaning

Family is a very important part of Hawaiian culture.  So much so, that ‘ohana takes on an extended meaning versus the noun “family” in English.  ‘Ohana includes your blood-relatives, but also friends, neighbors, and even (potentially) coworkers.  It refers to the connectedness we all have and how we must all cooperate with and remember each other.

The word and idea are so prevalent in Hawaii that the Disney movie, Lilo & Stitch makes it a large theme throughout:

“‘Ohana” means “family.” “Family” means “no one gets left behind.”

Lilo & Stitch

Similar words exist in other cultures as well, such as “ubuntu” in South Africa, which refers to “humanity” and the New Zealand Maori term, “whānau”, which also refers to an extended family.

‘ohana references

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