You can find the latest Hawaii vog, volcanic activity, and weather maps here.

Hawaii Vog:

Residents and visitors to Hawaii are always concerned about the vog, or “volcanic fog”.  The amount of vog changes depending on the volcanic emissions and the wind speed and direction.

This can dramatically affect the air quality to all of the Hawaiian islands at times and can create a haziness similar to bigger cities like Los Angeles.

Since 2008, the volcano, Kilauea, has been more active, so the vog has been more of a problem, especially in the Kona area. Typically, the Waikoloa area is influenced to a much lesser extent.  However, keep in mind, even on a voggy day, Hawaii is still beautiful!

The map below gives the latest vog information. Check the dates on the bottom of the map as it’s not updated everyday:

Vog Index

Current Hawaii Weather Radar:

Current Hawaii Radar Map

Current Hawaii Radar Map

Latest Hawaii Infrared Satellite Image:

Latest Big Island Satellite Image

The Latest Satellite Image:

Visible Satellite Image Hawaii

Halema`uma`u crater

Below is the latest image of the Halemaʻumaʻu crater which has been the largest source of vog the last several years:

Halema`uma`u crater